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Dave (Mondi) was incredible, he made me look forward to class everyday.

AnonymousEMT-Basic Student

Dave Mondi made the class really interesting and cared that we all did well in the class. I can’t say enough about how much he taught us and how much of a help he’s been to me preparing for this career.

CoryEMT-Basic Student

Hey Jake! Just wanted to thank you for your program! You have good, honest teachers .. I’m thankful I chose to come to McNeillys!!

AlyssaEMT-Basic Student

Hi Dave Mondi! I just wanted to inform you that I took the written test this past Thursday and found out today that I passed! Thank you so much for everything, I couldn’t have done this without you. You were an amazing instructor.

KimEMT-Basic Student

Hi Dave (Raymond), I hope everything is going well. I took the written exam yesterday and got confirmation today that I passed! Thank you for everything I really appreciate it, you did an awesome job with teaching the class.

MirwaisEMT-Basic Student

This morning I took the written exam and passed. I am very glad I attended your school. You have a great group of instructors and I feel that they greatly prepared me.

CharlesEMT-Basic Student

Jake is a talented instructor and surrounds himself with other talented professionals. He has a complete knowledge of the subject matter he is teaching and is able to teach it to all levels of providers.


Just want to say you guys run a great EMT course! I will highly recommend you guys!

PeterEMT-Basic Studen

I got my EMT license yesterday morning, couldn’t have done it without your help and that 1,300+ question packet you put together for us. Thanks for everything.

MichaelEMT-Basic Student

Dave, Hey its Michael from your hybrid EMT course. Figured I would let yah know I passed the written today! Thank you for everything 🙂

MichaelEMT - Basic Student